Our market town,  so old that it was named in the doomsday book.


Like all towns Heanor has had its problems, but we are putting that behind us and a new community spirit is growing. A sense of pride in our local area is what drives people to take care of our town and grow its sustainability. We have many great independent business, groups and activities for all age ranges and more is planned.


Heanor can continue to improve and be a vibrant town with the continued support of the community - and that means you!


The town will flourish if people come into town and use the shops and facilities. Some people have said that there is nothing to come into town for, but when asked when they last came into town to shop, the reply is often, years ago because its rubbish. Well, it may have had a hard time years ago, but things have and are continuing to change, come and find out what its like now, you may well be pleasantly surprised.


Have your Say!


We are currently running a Community Survey, this is your chance to have your say. We need to collect this information to help us to write the right funding bids (what you would like see happen)  but also to help support the requests we make to the authorities and other public bodies. The survey can be found on our Facebook page (see below) or on the link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/Q26KV8X

It only takes a few minutes :-)